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Towing & Recovery

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Light Towing

At USAVE Towing we are your towing experts.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are there to assist you when you need us most!

From assisting you when you are out of fuel, locked out or require a jump start or help changing a tire, to towing your vehicle to a shop for repair, we can take care of your needs and eliminate your stress at a fair and competitive price.

Involved in a collision, our team can tow you to our body shop or to a body shop of your choice. If you need a body shop to handle your repair or a rental to use during your repair, we can help.

Our typical range of service is within 100 miles of our Front Street, Binghamton, NY facility, however, long distance towing services may be available to meet your needs. Contact us for more information or to discuss your special request.

Heavy Towing

USAVE Towing & Recovery is proud to have earned the reputation as being the leader in the industry that the companies are constantly trying to measure up against.

We provide a fast, safe response to tow, recover, and transport any heavy vehicle or equipment. Our modern fleet of heavy duty trucks can handle commercial vehicles from the smallest delivery trucks to the most demanding heavy duty tows.

We also have the ability to provide roadside assistance from minor repairs, tire changes, lock outs, and jump starting. Many times, our team may be able to help you avoid a tow, save you money and get you moving fast.

Tractor Trailers, Buses, RVs and Heavy Equipment towing is our specialty. Let our experienced team use the latest equipment to take care of you and protect your investment from further damage by unskilled tow operators or improperly sized tow equipment.

USAVE Towing & Recovery has the areas only 75 ton rotator for your heavy towing needs. In addition to this specialized vehicle we have other options for heavy towing and an experienced crew making us the areas leader for the “big jobs”.

U-SAVE Rescue Services

Too often “the wrecker” is called for late in to the accident or rescue situation. Requesting a dispatch of a “USAVE wrecker” for a serious car accident and/or the “USAVE rotator” for an incident involving a larger vehicle or piece of equipment at the time of dispatch or following the establishment of incident command and scene size up will offer first responders additional resources which are often not considered.

Having a USAVE wrecker, flatbed, or rotator on scene early in an incident offers the first responder the following:

  • Industry Expertise: Our operators know vehicles. They know how they are constructed, where key components are located, and often the details which can save first responder time during an extrication situation. From knowing where fuel lines or power cable run to locating key areas for lift, cut or pry points, our operator brings additional training and education to the scene.
  • Equipment: No matter what we respond with, we bring specialty equipment to the scene. From helping you secure or chock a vehicle to perhaps moving a secondary vehicle, or even lifting or moving a vehicle as part of an extrication effort, our powerful winches, maintained chains, blocks, etc. may provide the extra advantage when seconds count.
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If you are a first responder, incident commander, county coordinator or dispatcher, consider requesting a USAVE wrecker when dispatching resources throughout the Southern Tier for serious vehicle accidents or those involving commercial vehicles.

U-Save Rescues Horse from Icy Fall

Click play on the video below or scroll through the slideshow to learn more.

U-SAVE Recovery Services

Recovery Services is a term used by many small wrecker companies. Unfortunately they do not always deliver the services associated with this term and leave the customer, fire department/law enforcement or other personnel on scene scrambling to finish the job.

Recovery services is much more than simply up-righting a vehicle, returning it to the pavement, or towing it off scene. It should include a full assessment of the scene, evaluation of any cargo including what is in the vehicle and what may no longer be in the vehicle and if needed, containment or cleaning of the scene. It requires more than just showing up with a tow truck to get the job done.

Our team has the experience and equipment to get the job done. From skid-steers with various attachments for lifting, scooping or cleaning, to backhoes, roll offs, transfer trailers and more, we own the equipment to facilitate the successful recovery.

It’s more than simply picking up or moving your load. Let our team of experience professionals protect your precious cargo by safely packing it in to one of our trailers (refrigeration available) and removing it from the roadway before any further damage occurs. We have the equipment ready to respond. We do not have to go looking for it when you need it most.

We also understand very clearly that incident management and traffic control are key to keeping the roads open. Our state of the art equipment and experienced team allows us perform recoveries with minimal if any lane closures Lastly, we also know our limits. On occasion we are faced with a recovery effort that requires additional support beyond our capabilities. Specialized cargo, hazardous materials, or certain circumstances may require us to involve specialty teams, companies and/or regulators (DEC) to be involved in recovery/cleanup efforts. (Radioactive Materials is one area we would rely on our relationships with other providers for their assistance.) Our response team can be instrumental in coordinating efforts to make your recovery not only efficient but cost effective as we do not need to lease equipment or search for available rental equipment at the time of your incident.

U-SAVE Heavy Equipment Moving & Hauling

USAVE Towing and Recovery is often called upon by a variety of companies to assist them in moving and hauling of specialized equipment or cargo. We are the Southern Tier’s choice for equipment moving.

We have the ability to use our 75 ton rotator to assist with the movement, rigging and securing of cargo on both customer owned transport systems or one of our many trailer options. (Including 53’ Refrigeration Trailers.)

Our transport team is almost always on the move. If you need help with a specific job or are looking to partner with us for an upcoming project, contact us as soon as possible to get it scheduled with our office.